The little joys in life

3. october 2013 at 15:00 | Inna Centi |  Written in English
My life has been sort of difficult compared to lives of other people. Yet I have a lot of sweet memories. Not the memories of the big things in my life like the first holiday and so on - I rather think of the little things; the little joys. My theory is that the more you (have) suffered in your life, the better you remember the little things, just like I do. I admit that there were also times when I was just surviving without happiness, but I still don't dare to say that my childhood was sad. All the melancholy makes me appreciate things much better what people mostly ignore. I remember all the feelings, tunes, pictures and memories.
I suppose that you'd like to know some of my memories. If that is the case, keep reading.

Spring. I remember the smell of sprouted potatoes - the smell of fields. The gentle spring sunshine touching my face. The cherry blossoms. The waking nature. The growing grass. The april rain. And I remember how my brother and I used to jump into the biggest and deepest puddles.
Summer. The sun is high in the sky and warms; burns people's skin. I can feel the hot pavement and smell cola, cherries and strawberries - the strawberries I grew in my very own plant-bed by myself. I remember the golden fields close to my home where I grew up when I was small. The storms and dark clouds covering the sun after a long time without raining. I've always loved storms - nature (and even fields) looks so wild. Could I ever forget scooters, bicycles and chalks my friends, my brother and I used to play with?
Autumn. My favorite season. I remember the one school trip that is probably the reason why I've loved autumn so much. I remember the dark gloomy days that have always seemed much more mysterious and interesting that the days of other seasons. I remember the weak sunlight. The mud. The flying paper-kites. The fallen leaves and sleeping trees. The mists covering everything. The cold smell of coming winter. Carving pumpkins. The scary stories and tales. I remember the amazing melancholy that made everything seem much more interesting.
Winter. I love winter. I will always remember the smell of December - the smell of snow, needles, holly, Christmas cookies and that fresh and cold smell of goddess' Morana dress. Everything looks more innocent during winter; everything is so clean and magical. I remember my fascination with the Christmas lights - I've always been fascinated by colorful lights shining from the dark. I remember the sounds of bells and Christmas carols. And I remember cooking Christmas cookies with my granny.
Can you see? The life is much happier when you enjoy also the small things…

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1 kirma-lee kirma-lee | 5. october 2013 at 13:19 | React

Za nejoblíbenější roční období mám též podzim, jelikož nejen, že mám narozeniny, ale všechno je takové barevné, není moc velká zima ani teplo ( i když dnes to už možná neplatí :D )

Ale ani léto není k zahození - koncerty, festivaly a jiné akce ;)

2 Inna Centi Inna Centi | 5. october 2013 at 13:55 | React

[1]: Já mám podzim ráda, protože je všechno takové krásně tajemné. Jako by i povedomá místa měla co odhalovat :-)

To jo - festivaly jsou ovšem snad jediný důvod, proč mám léto ještě stále relativně ráda. No vlastně pak ještě všechno to ovoce a ostatní, co roste a dá se to jíst :D

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