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18. july 2013 at 14:49 | Inna Centi |  Written in English
After spending a few days on Masters Of Rock festival I could finally sleep in a normal bed. It was really amazing, even though I wanted to go home after the first day of the festival. But first things first.

We arrived in the area of the festival early on Thursday. Having arrived earlier than the previous year, we could even catch the very first band playing on the MOR unlike the last year, when we missed a few. So we put up our tent in a nice spot and when it was all set up, we also unpacked. The sun reached the highest point, the sky was blue without any cloud and it was reeeeeeeeally hot. We felt like in a true Finnish sauna in our tent, but it was much worse outside of the tent, so we stayed in and had a rest. It was about 4:00 pm, when Arkona's show was about to begin and we didn't want to miss it. We went straight to the stage area and as we was chcecked (everyone is being checked by security guys, when entering the area), we also got a compilation CD (all of the first 15 000 people got one).
Guys, I have to write that the show was amazing - even better than I had thought it would be. Even though the weather was too warm and I wore my heavy boots, I was jumping. Just a little further from me was a bunch (actually a big bunch) of people moshing. Some of them lost their teeth as I saw, but they still seemed to be enjoying it. And I also saw something new: a rowing - the same bunch of people had stopped doing a mosh pit, sat down and "rowed" instead. It was amazing. After Arkona's show I was really tired from all the jumping, singing and so on and all I wanted to do was sleep. Later that day (night - just after seeing Accept's show) I realized I am actually unable to sleep even thought I was tired as hell. Maybe it was just because of Dragonforce band, whose music is simply unlistenable for me (they played right after my boyfriend and I got into our tent - my friend stayed there for some time). But I finally managed to fall asleep the next day in the morning.
Friday was fortunately a free day without any show I would need to see, so I could rest. We (My friend, my boyfriend and I) only went shopping and it was all we did that day. Later (after we came back to a camp area) I was tired and decided to rest, yet I went to see Rage's show anyway. Maybe it was actually a good decision or maybe I was sooo tired, but I finally fell asleep on Friday - I slept like a baby.
Saturday was a day of Lordi's show, but it was scheduled for the Saturday evening, so afternoon was a perfect for buying some food. As we went shopping, we met two absolutely drunk guys. My boyfriend was a little further ahead of us on the way and my friend was walking faster than I was, so it was me whom they stopped. One of them asked me to tell him my name and well… I was so shocked I only said "Anna". Then my boyfriend came and these two guys were like "Oh, it must be her boyfriend… He's probably really mad at us". They tried to be OK with him, so then they said "You don't have to be angry - we're gays.". When my boyfriend said that it was good, they told us they are to be *somewhere* at 2pm, so we would meet them there to have a foursome. I cannot remember anymore what was it that my boyfriend replied, but I was trying to get away as fast as I could. After this experience we went shopping as was planned on. Nothing interesting at all. Then we spent some time in the tent or chatting with our "neighbors" until the evening, when the Lordi's show was about to begin. It was awesome, even though I wanted to kick some people's asses with my boots, because they were just standing there and doing nothing at all. It always pisses me off.
The night from Saturday to Sunday was quite difficult, because my whole body hurt and I didn't sleep very much. It made me quite nervous, because I knew how difficult the Sunday was going to be. The day started with Xandria's show - we got up much earlier, went shopping and we spent much time out, so before the beginning of the show I had to change my top - my shoulders were sunburned and I decided to take my t-shirt to hide my shoulders. The show started at 1 pm and the sun was still shining. As the show was really powerful and passionate, I almost fainted. Fortunately I was standing close to the stage and I "caught" a plastic cup filled with cold water. So we survived. Yet we were burnt by the sun - my boyfriend the most of us. After the show we were thirsty. Very thirsty. That's why we stayed in the Radegast beer tent for a while and had some refreshment. The next show we were interested in was in the late Sunday afternoon, which meant about 3 hours of waiting for my friend and about four hours of waiting for the rest of us.
The next band I saw that day was Powerwolf. Simply an awesome show. They also played two new songs from their upcoming album - one of them was not released yet and I was really happy to hear it. So as I wrote - it was amazing and Powerwolf seemed to have a great deal of fun as well. They actually seemed to be really impressed by the passionate applause from the audience. The last one on the bandlist, the headliner: Avantasia. It took my boyfriend and me a long time to find asome place to sit at. We also had to move for a few times before we found something - we didn't want to stand three hours straight through the show. But we fortunately found a seat. The show was great, even though some songs just weren't my cup of tea (mostly because of Kiske - I don't like his voice), but they started with Spectres, which is a great song. After Avantasia - it was the end of Masters Of Rock 2013, but the story of metal and rock NEVER ends.

P.S.: I've decided to write in English to enhance my language skills - I am sure that it could help me a lot. So if you find some mistake, you can correct me. But please, be kind at least - I am not a student of any language school, so don't think, that my language skills are perfect - 'cause they aren't.

P.P.S.: Pokud jste Češi nebo Slováci, můžete komentovat mateřským jazykem :-)

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