Oow, my head

15. march 2013 at 18:29 | Inna Centi |  Written in English
Fu*k, my head hurts like a hell. The headache which I have right now is that horrible, I can't do almost anything. For example: I wanted to study today, but my head hurts so much that I am not able to focus, so I CAN'T study, until it's over. The only one thing which helps me with the headache, is laying in my bed, but I can't just lay on the bed, because I am too bored. That means that I can't really do almost anything.
I can't even listen to music, because my head would hurt more and my ears are also too sensitive today. I can barely make a move, because with every move the headache is stronger. I am just sitting here and complaining about the stupid pain. My whole body should be "repaired", because it has many bugs (at least this week). Damn it, really!

Tomorrow I would just sleep, but I can't, because my aunt celebrates her birthday and everybody has to be there. Including me. Not enough sleep for Inna *sigh*. I just hope that I won't have a headache tomorrow too and I also hope that I will be allowed to go home early. Otherwise I will fall asleep there. Or I will die there, but who cares anyway, huh?

But I am pretty sure I know, what could heal me! Some ultra-cute fluffy animals, muehehehe. Bring them to meeeeeeee! Please *sigh*...

P.S.: I just want you to know that I hate complaining, but I have nothing to do and my head still hurts like a hell, so I decided to write this article - I am doing something at least.

P.P.S.: I've decided to write in English to enhance my language skills - I am sure that it could help me a lot. So if you find some mistake, you can correct me. But please, be kind at least - I am not a student of any language school, so don't think, that my language skills are perfect - 'cause they aren't.

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1 Kirma Lee Kirma Lee | 16. march 2013 at 8:54 | React

Taky bych někdy (?Někdy? spíše pořád) u sebe potřebovala nějaké zvířátko na uklidnění, třeba černou kočku, ti mě vždy uklidní ^^ Odhaduji, že to všechno máš nejspíš z podvědomého stresu, že je toho na tebe nejspíše moc a já se ti ani nedivím - mám to nastejno. Stres je prostě sviňucha :D Asi přinejlepším bych ti mohla poradit prášek, nebo prostě nějaký klid... anebo tu oslavu, ta ti může zlepšit náladu a ty na tu bolest zapomeneš ;)

2 Inna Centi Inna Centi | 23. june 2013 at 17:16 | React

[1]: Zpětně: Já jsem zjistila, že  jak není škola, mám moc volného času a věcí na přemýšlení, tak se buď nudím nebo zas upadám do depresivních nálad. Někdo tu školu prostě k životu potřebuje, i když je se vzděláním vlastně hotový :D

3 CaseySoola CaseySoola | Email | Web | 22. september 2017 at 16:40 | React

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