It's true - music really heals...

4. october 2012 at 18:29 | Inna Centi |  Written in English
If you read my previous article, you probably know that I haven't felt well last few days. So I am just listening to some music and it really helps to me. Music I've been listening in last two days really improves my mood and because some of you might have a bad mood too (Is it correctly?), I desided to put some of the music also on my blog (Again: Is it written correctly?) . So, do you need some motivation too?

This is really beautifull soundtrack and also moody song, if you know what I mean - dramatic and sad beggining, but brisk and happy ending .

All I can say about this score is "Epic". No more words needed .

Another Corpse Bride score. This one is really touchy and almost makes me cry, but listening to it really helps too .

I listen to this song, when I feel unhappy. I can't describe it, but it is really a hope-giving (Does his word even exists? ) song. Especially the part from time 2:15 . James Newton Howard is a genius (as Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman, of course).

One of my favourite songs by Nightwish. I am still pissed because of Tuomas' "betray", but he's still a great musician and songwriter and this song is simply amazing. Also describes me a lot.

...And this one as a farewell to Nettie... Even though it's song writter for Tarja and so the lyrics doesn't fit this situation.

This song is epic, majestic and fearless - it helps me too, because I should go to the future with no fear of it. Just go - no sadness, no fears...

...This song means the same things for me as the previous one. Just epic. Bravo, Mr. Zimmer!

Another very motivating song. Just "stand up and fight" .
By the way: "Aww, Olli"

Just amazing - no more words are necessary.

Note: I've decided to write in English to enhance my language skills - I am sure, that it could help me a lot. So if you find some mistake, you can correct me. But please, be kind at least - I am not student of any language school, so don't think, that my language skills are perfect - 'cause they aren't .

PS.: Komentáře mi můžete psát normálně česky nebo slovensky - pokud jste se podívali do menu, tak vám musí být jasné, že cizinka rozhodně nejsem (a zvlášť pokud umíte anglicky a všimli jste si těch chyb) .

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1 kirma-lee kirma-lee | Web | 7. october 2012 at 10:06 | React

No super :D v předchozím článku jsem se taky pokoušela stmelit ti tady hezký anglický komentář, abych nevypadala jako totální neznalkyně ájiny, ale tak co, to nevadí :D Mimochodem jedno malý ,,correct,,-máš tam desided místo decided (je to hned v prvním odstavečku) a máš pravdu v tom, že hudba opravdu hojí... Soundtracky+Turisas, to dokáže pořádně naladit na pozitivní náladu :D

2 Inna Centi Inna Centi | 14. october 2012 at 14:09 | React

[1]: Kurňa, já tušila, že jsem to měla napsat i tam :-D

Perkele, překlep :-D
Děkuju za upozornění :-)
I když... Víc než překlepů se děsím normálních chyb, kterých je tu nepochybně mnoho :D

Jo, takoví Turisas zaručeně postaví člověka na nohy :D

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