Broken illusions and destroyed faith

4. october 2012 at 14:39 | Inna Centi |  Written in English
At first: I've decided to write in English to enhance my language skills - I am sure that it could help me a lot. So if you find some mistake, you can correct me. But please, be kind at least - I am not a student of any language school, so don't think, that my language skills are perfect - 'cause they aren't .

And now the introduction...
Do you know what is really scary? When your fantasies come true. Not your dreams, but fantasies, because you probably don't usually wish something bad to happen... But your fantasies might be really tragical sometimes (even though you may not know why), so you are trying to save the situation (in your fantasy) to make your imaginary world better - to save the world.
My dreams (wishes) are usually sweet and I wish them to come true, just my fantasies are sometimes sad, so instead of enjoying dreaming I am solving problems, saving my dear ones, crying, making mistakes and redressing those mistakes again...

So much for the introduction... Now the article...
Some time ago, I was thinking what would happen, if Anette Olzon (ex-Nightwish) got ill. As I was thinking about it, I realized that after it something bad could happen. And then some news - Nightwish are prepating mega-concert before premiere of the movie Imaginaerum. I was like "Great! Maybe they are going to prepare also some live DVD! But wait a second - what if it means, that other members of Nightwish want to fire Anette as they fired Tarja in 2005?". I was thinking about it, but I forgot it after some time, so I wasn't thinking about it anymore (of course)... Until the Masters Of Rock festival - My best friend, my boyfriend and I visited the festival for the first time, because there were a lot of our favourite groups - Nightwish too. They (I means Nightwish) were playing on saturday as main headliner of the fastival and we were there to see them too. As intro they used soundtrack by Hans Zimmer - Crimson Tide theme. It wasn't strange to me that evening, but when I remembered the last tour with Tarja, I started to be scared, because I found out that on the last tour they used another soundtrack by Hans Zimmer... And my my fears came true a few days ago... Ok, maybe I am just a little paranoid...

But why? Why Anette and why now? They (Tuomas and Troy) tried to explain, but I don't believe it. Maybe I could believe Troy, but my faith in Tuomas has been totally destroyed, so I can't trust him anymore. In one interview he (Tuomas) said that he read Walt Disney's biography and it shattered his illusions, so why has he destroyed illusions of other people even though he knows, how it hurts? He was my favourite member of Nightwish and always when someone wrote or said that Nightwish isn't as good as with Tarja, I answered that music never depends just on the singer and voice, but depends on the author of the music. And I believed that he's a good person, but he apparently isn't. Or he's not as good as I hoped at least...
I know I can't judge him, because I don't know him personally, but my trust is easy to lose and if you betray it once, there is probably no way you can ever earn it back. This is really cruel and not just for me, because I have nothing but empty hands and mind full of fears.
Fu*k it. But is it that easy? Will I ever be able to trust him again? Was it really just his decision, as many people have said and wrote, or was it really decision of the whole band? What the hell happened? And why the hell Floor Jansen, who can't sing even after many years in two bands, gets to sing with legends of smphonic metal, even though she absolutelly CAN'T sing?! Why?! And I am not the only one, who hears, that she is not real singer (and apparently has no chance to be)...

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1 kirma-lee kirma-lee | Web | 7. october 2012 at 10:01 | React

I think, everything will be OK. I hope... So your English is very good and easy-so for my bad English is very great for reading :D Floor Jansen can´t be in Nightwish. She can´t sing their songs, because they are very difficult for her. For example Amaranth was very VERY terrible. I want Anette back.

Sorry for my bad English :D

2 Inna Centi Inna Centi | 14. october 2012 at 14:13 | React

[1]: Tahnks :-)
I hope so. But if they let Floor to sing in Nightwish, I bet that it will be end of all my hopes...

Well, I heard also Ghost Love Score and it was even more horrible than Amaranth :-|...

Why "sorry for my English"? Your English is very good, I guess :-)

3 Hidasta Hidasta | Web | 16. february 2014 at 23:52 | React

I'm gonna quote Nightwish now..
"This is the end of all hope."
Short, but accurate... :\

I didn't like Anette in the beginning. Her covers of Tarja's song were.. um... they weren't good.. Then, with the DPP album, I started to like some of the songs, and with Imaginaerum, I finally had to admit she is really good.
And then this happens.

I don't know what should I think about it. Maybe Tuomas is a fool. Maybe Nightwish only has some bad luck when it comes to choosing lead singers :-D ..
Who knows. We will never know, because they are gonna tell us only what they want us to think, and it doesn't have to be the truth.

By the way, your english is awesome :)
And sorry for the mistakes, that i surely made in this comment... :-D

Btw, I'm adding your blog to favourites! :D
Wonder how I found it? :D By clicking on the band Ajattara on my blog profile... I was curious if anyone knows it here :D

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